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New Rebirth

01. Fuzzi Brand

Our story begins in 1954, when Adele Bacchiani Fuzzi founded FMC, Fuzzi Maglificio Cattolica. From that day to today, we never stop think about women.

We chose to create clothes that would help the wonderful female universe. Our product doesn't want have an age. It is designed to enhance your beauty and at the same time to make your life easier, because at any age, we know, women never have much time to think about themself.

Fuzzi tulle is a product with such easy use that you can no longer stay without it, it does not iron, it is machine washed, it dries quickly, it takes up little space in the closets and in the suitcase, you can shorten it by yourself even by cutting it with scissors. It has an excellent fit because it is made of the best quality tulle, soft and impalpable like a puff.

You can buy it online without fear of wrong size, its generous elasticity will surprise you. It will always be a perfect solution to make a gift, its versatility adapts to any type of body. Our items always want to be your allies and can goes with you in every occasion of life. It is a story of women thinking about women.

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